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Cloth Diapering

  • Let's Talk LEAKS!

    Having trouble with leaks? Here's a detailed guide from GroVia CEO/Founder Kim Ormsby to debunk some of the myths regarding leaks and help troubleshoot any issues!

    ONE Soaker Detail1) Constant leaks with cloth diapers are NOT THE NORM. I have cloth diapered 6 babes and used easily 50 different styles/brands of diapers. The rare occasion I've gotten a leak I've been able to solve with a minor tweak.

    2) There is nothing "magical" in cloth diapers. They all are comprised of an absorbent inner with a waterproof outer. They do not contain SAP gel that can absorb insane amounts of liquid by weight like a disposable. Did you know the average disposable diaper can hold up to 10 pees?

    3) If you buy a one size system there WILL be a time when you need to add a booster. Sized diapering systems (disposables included) don't generally have this issue because as you size up you get a bigger diaper....which is able to hold more liquid. A one size diaper is the same size....always.....as baby grows, their bladder grows, it holds more urine, baby pees more. You need a way to add absorbency. That is where a booster comes in.
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  • The Color of Cloth Diapers

    We at GroVia want to offer an apology regarding a lack of acknowledgement of the efforts of Black Women Do Cloth Diaper in a recent blog post.

    Black Women Do Cloth Diaper is a group of women—smart, impassioned women of color with diverse backgrounds and approaches to parenting—women who have given their time and energies to call the cloth diaper industry as a whole to the carpet and challenge us all, including GroVia, to make highly visible changes to approaches to diversity and inclusion. We also want to express our gratitude for the work these women have done to challenge, inspire and mobilize other women of color to both begin using cloth diapers and to call on brands to represent women, families, and babies of color in advertising.

    GroVia will continue to take actionable steps with future lifestyle photography, ad campaigns, social media campaigns, and social media outreach efforts. This is about doing right by the diverse families who support our brand and the diverse cloth diapering families of the future.

    Kim Ormsby and Team GroVia

    When you think of cloth diapers, what do you think of?

    Hippies? ‘Granola moms?’
    These names are all associated with white women and rarely include women and families of color.

    I am here to tell you that families of color love to cloth diaper. But between advertisements and community events, it has been difficult for me to find representation that included babies and families that look like me and my children.

    So where does my story begin?

    I started cloth diapering to help my family save money. My family had relocated to a new city, and for the first time, we were living off one income. A friend of mine recommended cloth diapers, and I immediately turned up my nose. “Why would I touch poop ON PURPOSE?”

    After a week of leaky disposable diapers and poop, I decided to give it a try. Let’s just say… we have not looked back. When I decided to cloth diaper, I applied for a cloth diaper loan through my local cloth diaper bank, and I received one GroVia Hybrid diaper in Blackberry. It instantly became my favorite diaper, and every time I found one I purchased it.

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  • Cloth Diaper Wear Is Normal

    Let's chat about normal cloth diaper wear/tear.

    I was washing North's diapers this morning and thought it would be nice to discuss wear, as we often see (Facebook, Babycenter, and all over cloth diapering groups) varying expectations as to what a diaper should look like after months/years of use.

    First, there is a bit of a misconception that diapers will wear the same for all people.

    Sadly, this is not true. Stash size, detergent, wash routine, water type, and machine type ALL play a part in how a diaper wears. If only we could standardize all of these things, it would make things SO MUCH EASIER :-)  Second, a diaper is a garment and just like any piece of clothing that gets worn and washed over and over again, it will show wear and will eventually wear out. But, what is considered normal? Continue reading

  • Use it up, wear it out: Getting the most out of cloth diapers

    Cloth diapers, just like your household towels and favorite t-shirts, will eventually begin to show signs that they are well loved parts of your family’s daily life. Here are some tips for keeping them in great condition for as long as possible:

    laundry-tab-inst_vertTip #1: On Hybrid Hook/Loop Shells, ALWAYS use the Tuck Under Tabs before laundering!
    Avoid laundry “diaper chains,” damage, and premature wear and tear. The Tuck Under Tab is one reason the GroVia Hybrid is so beloved by cloth diapering families. Just trust.

    Tip #2: Hang or lay your GroVia Hybrid Shells flat to dry.
    By the time your Soaker Pads, Prefolds, and All in Ones have finished tumble-drying, your Shells will be dry or almost there. Not exposing them to heat from your dryer protects elastics, snaps, and Hook/Loop materials from becoming worn or warped.

    Tip #3: Have a large enough rotation.
    One Size diapers are worn around the clock by a single child for sometimes more than two or even three years! Having a large enough rotation—at least 36 diaper changes per child in diapers—will prevent the need to repair or purchase replacements before your child is out of diapers. Continue reading

  • A Side by Side Look at GroVia Hybrid and O.N.E


    With the launch of GroVia's new O.N.E diaper drawing near we are seeing a lot of questions asking how O.N.E is different than the GroVia Hybrid diapering system.  We've put together a brief piece with photos to help guide you through the differences and hopefully help you with your buying decision (although to be honest I have both Hybrid and O.N.E in my stash and LOVE the mix).

    O.N.E by GroVia is an all in one diaper.  What does that mean?
    It is a diaper that contains both absorbency and a waterproof outer.  When it is soiled the entire diaper is washed.  It contains a unique and patent pending closure system that integrates both hook and loop and snaps.  So the user gets to choose whether the diaper closes using snaps OR hook and loop.  Or, if the hook and loop eventually wears out (let's face it, this is what happens with hook and loop on diapers) you can simply purchase a new hook and loop kit for your diaper OR just use the diaper with its snaps. Continue reading

  • My Diapers Leak...What Do I Do?

    It's frustrating when cloth diapers leak, but it's infuriating to not know why it's happening! This little decision tree can help you think through what's causing the leaks and what you can do to fix it. Simply click on the image below for an enlarged version of the graphic.


  • Can Cloth Diapering Really Help With Potty Training?


    So what’s the deal with the claim that using cloth diapers during infancy can help a toddler potty-train more easily?

    It’s (mostly) true!

    Disposable diapers and some modern cloth diapers—including our GroVia Stay-Dry Soaker Pads—pull moisture away from the skin to keep babies comfortable after they have used their diapers. This can certainly have its advantages, and there’s a reason we offer Stay-Dry products! When my own babies are going to be in the car or in a busy situation, I like to use Stay-Dry Soaker Pads. Continue reading

  • Using Soaker Pads on the Newborn Setting


    “If my Shell is on the newborn setting, can I use Soaker Pads?”

    This is a question that we see frequently from parents who are new to cloth diapers—and it’s a great one!

    An unprepped Soaker Pad looks gigantic; it really does. Once your Soaker Pads, which are made from absorbent natural fibers, are in the prepping process, you’ll watch them shriiiiiiink until, after about 10 washes, they reach their permanent size. This is true for all natural fiber cloth diapers.

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  • ENOUGH with the "Stripping" Already


    Our Customer Service department fields at least 5 "stripping" questions per day. The term, stripping, pops up daily on cloth diaper forums and manufacturer's Facebook walls. I've cloth diapered 5 babies (since 2003) and this term was nonexistent when I started cloth diapering.

    As pocket diapers and other polyester cloth diapers became popular, a new generation of washing instructions was marketed alongside these products. Washing instructions that told customers to use 1/2 (or less) of the recommended dose of detergent. The result: unclean diapers, ammonia issues, diaper rashes, and ultimately unusable cloth diapers. This was then followed by a whole host of "stripping" processes and customers who think that this is normal for cloth diapers. It isn't.

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  • GroVia SuperMom: Major Vanessa Mahan


    US Air Force F-15E Fighter Pilot

    Talk about making us proud! Not only has Major Mahan flown sorties over Afghanistan to protect troops on the ground, but she is a living example of following your dreams. Since she was a little girl, she knew she would fly. And as a Weapons Systems Officer on an F-15 (think Goose in Top Gun!), she got to surprise many of the troops on the ground with a female voice when flying over dangerous territory. And on top of it, she spent her down time meeting and inspiring Afghan women and girls!?! Our hats are off! Continue reading

  • The Story of Stuff Project


    During a recent keynote speech in our hometown, Annie made it abundantly clear that she just plain “gets” what we are doing here at GroVia.  And with 15 million (and counting!) views of her online movie The Story of Stuff (a self-described ‘20-minute cartoon about trash’) Annie has become an inspiration to parents and citizens worldwide.  We are proud to have Annie involved with the GroVia SuperMom program and hope you will take the time to learn more about her findings and organization. Continue reading

  • Return of the Hyena Diaper!!

    Some of you may be wondering what the heck a "Hyena Diaper" is!  Well, let me give you a little history lesson.  If you recognize the words; Fussybutt, Honey Boy, Luxe Baby, or Fuzbaby you can skip this paragraph.  For the rest of you, the word Hyena in the cloth diaper world was used to describe us crazy moms who would sit glued to our computers, hitting F5...F5...F5... in hopes of scoring a piece of diaper art.  Yes, I said ART.  Diapers that were meticulously sewn by WAHMs (Work at Home Moms), made of the purest of materials, often hand dyed or appliqued, and packaged and delivered in a glorious box of fluffy goodness.  We Hyenas often crashed websites by our sheer numbers, which eventually led to the creation of Hyena Cart! Continue reading

  • GroVia One-Size All-in-One chubby-legged babies?


    I'd like to ask you something.

    Do you think the baby on the left is chubby?

    Little Betsy is seven months old and closing in on 18 lbs. She’s in the fifth percentile for height… and the 75th for weight. Note the rolls and the chins. You kind of want to bite her, right? There’s no getting around it: my beautiful baby girl is fat. I've never had a baby this fat. I thought this level of roll-age was mythical.

    Would it surprise you to hear that Betsy wears GroVia One-Size All-in-Ones every day?

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  • GroVia Bamboo Prefolds

    GroVia Bamboo Prefolds have quickly become one of our top selling products. Why? They are absorbent, silky soft, and a very inexpensive way to add to your cloth diaper stash!

    We are often asked about sizing. Why don't you put a weight range on your prefolds? The answer is this: Weight ranges for prefolds just don't work. They vary too greatly depending on how the prefold is being used, trifolded or fastened. Most people simply trifold their GroVia prefolds in their GroVia Shells, so I've crafted today's post to focus solely on this. Continue reading

  • So Your Baby is "Out-Peeing" Their NB AIO...

    They are cute and tiny, so how in the world do newborns pee so much?? Looks can be deceiving! Your newborn will nurse 8-12 times per DAY for the first month, and 7-9 times per DAY during the second month. Well, what goes in must go out, which means A LOT of very wet diapers during those first couple of months.

    The GroVia Newborn AIO was designed to be a nice trim diapering option for tiny newborns during those all-important newborn weeks. Most people will find that their newborn will start “out-peeing” their NB AIOs before they outgrow them. So what is a mama to do? Continue reading

  • Go by bike, family style.


    Meet Erica and her children, riding across country by bicycle. Yes, by bike. I had a chance to briefly hear about her and her husband Mark's grand adventure travelling across country by bicycle with their with their 3 children and dog. Erica stopped by The Natural Baby Company retail store in Bozeman heading through from Durango, CO and on to the west coast.

    They are posting about their adventure on their blog www.thefamilyride.com, "How far will this journey take us? Where can we go by bike? Or where can’t we go?". What an inspiration for getting out there and doing something amazing. Good luck Erica and family on your continued adventure. Continue reading

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