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Return of the Hyena Diaper!!

Some of you may be wondering what the heck a "Hyena Diaper" is!  Well, let me give you a little history lesson.  If you recognize the words; Fussybutt, Honey Boy, Luxe Baby, or Fuzbaby you can skip this paragraph.  For the rest of you, the word Hyena in the cloth diaper world was used to describe us crazy moms who would sit glued to our computers, hitting F5...F5...F5... in hopes of scoring a piece of diaper art.  Yes, I said ART.  Diapers that were meticulously sewn by WAHMs (Work at Home Moms), made of the purest of materials, often hand dyed or appliqued, and packaged and delivered in a glorious box of fluffy goodness.  We Hyenas often crashed websites by our sheer numbers, which eventually led to the creation of Hyena Cart!

When the CPSIA rolled out new, and very costly testing guidelines and then the dreaded recession hit, pretty much all Hyena Diaper makers went away.  Big brand diaper makers filled some of the void, but really they just aren't the same.   For those of us who remember those glory days and the thrill of the hunt, we've mourned the loss.  Until now!!!

Meet Poppy Fields.   Owner, Samantha Lee, has created something very special.  She's resurrected the Hyena Diaper.  Beautifully sewn of some of the nicest materials I've laid my hands on, her fitted diapers are quite simply....stunning!  My parcel arrived and I literally squealed with delight when opening it.  Seriously, how can a tiny box of fluffy goodness be so much fun?  Three beautiful little diapers and some bonus detergent samples were all it took to make my entire day.

Box of fluffy goodness! Box of fluffy goodness!


So, lets take a closer look at why Poppy Fields diapers are so special.  Samantha Lee chooses some amazing Scandinavian prints to put on her diapers.  Whimsical, yet durable I found that these hardly fade, even after many washes.  The insides are made of buttery soft cotton/bamboo velour and are serged or turned and topstitched with perfection.  Even her labels are cute.


Gorgeous, vibrant Scandinavian prints. Gorgeous, vibrant Scandinavian prints.


Made in the good ole' USA! Made in the good ole' USA!


I love that Samantha works with other WAHM artists.  A recent collaboration with Tickety Bu resulted in some amazing hand dyed creations.  Seriously....how can you not call this art?  Look at those colors!

Beautifully hand dyed by Tickety Bu! Beautifully hand dyed by Tickety Bu!


The perfect fit! The perfect fit!


GroVia Shells make the perfect cover over Poppy Fields Fitteds. GroVia Shells make the perfect cover over Poppy Fields Fitteds.


Let's not leave stellar customer service out of this as well.  Jessica leaves nothing to be desired in that department.  She is quick with emails, fast ship times, and a great Facebook page!

I'm thrilled to see the return of "Hyena Diapers".  I think it is a good indicator of the health of the cloth diapering market.  I love to see WAHMs thrive and grow their businesses in unique ways and by providing healthy, safe products for today's families.  So, go stalk Poppy Fields and start your own little collection of USA-made, beautiful little fitted diapers and at the same time support a budding, woman-owned business.  Long live the Hyena Diaper!!