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GroVia’s Super Glue - Duane Ormsby


If you worked at GroVia, you would be amazed at all of the moving parts that it takes to keep it running.  And even more amazed by the energy level and “get it done” attitude of this father of six and husband to our founder. This is the guy that poured the first GroVia Magic Stick…by hand…in his kitchen!  And the guy that magically keeps track of all of the cloth diapers and baby products, we have in our inventory, plus all the materials that are stored in our various warehouses.  Simply put, if Duane wasn’t here holding it all together for us, we would definitely have “issues”.

In His Own Words:

So, we just began, made mistakes, learned, grew, made more mistakes to learn from, yet nothing was done in such a way to know that we would have such a wonderful business that has helped so many and grown to be what it is today. As our 6 year old son would say…Good Times, Good Times.

Its funny, I never really think of myself as a stay-at-home dad because it can conjure up the thought that I hang around the house playing until everyone gets home from school or work… which is so far from the truth. Right now, I take on the task of getting as much done as my 2 year old allows until the kids are home from school and Kim from the office.  And that’s enough for anyone to handle!