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Donate Cloth Diapers to a Family in Need

GroVia Gives was created because we believe that no baby should go without clean, safety-compliant diapers. GroVia Gives is a lending program intended to help families with temporary or long term financial struggles. Want to help? Purchase a GroVia Gives Cloth Diaper Set to give to a family in need. Here's how it works:

  • Purchase the GroVia Gives Set by adding it to your cart and checking out like normal. 
  • Please enter your billing and shipping address at checkout to complete the order (we will not be shipping the diapers to you).
  • Once your order is placed, we will send a full set of cloth diapers to a family that has applied to the GroVia Gives Lending Program, and been approved.
  • BONUS: These sets are part of a lending program, so multiple families will benefit from your donation!


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Your donation will allow multiple families in need to diaper their babies full-time with high quality, safety-compliant diapers. The GroVia Gives Diaper Sets include the following products:

  • 16 GroVia Gives Bamboo/Cotton Trifolds
  • 4 GroVia Gives One Size Covers

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Additional Info

Additional Info

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Care Instructions


  • If your Trifolds are brand new, they will need to be prepped before use.
  • To prep your Trifolds, wash on hot with detergent 5-6 times, drying at least partially between each wash. 
  • Trifolds that have been previously used will not need to be prepped. 
  • If your GroVia Gives package includes used Trifolds, they will arrive clean and ready to use. 
  • Covers do not need to be prepped.



  • Remove as much solid matter as possible. Shake solids into a toilet and flush.
  • Wash your diapers with the full recommended amount of detergent every two days with warm water and an extra rinse.
  • Avoid detergents with a lot of plant oils, fabric softeneres, whiteners or bleach.
  • Expose your diapers to the proper concentration of detergent for 30-45 minutes for an HE washer, or the longest cycle for a non-HE
  • Avoid additives like baking soda, vinegar, boosters, essential oils, etc.
  • We recommend line-drying your Covers, tumble dry Trifolds on low.
  • Store soiled diapers in a diaper pail. 
Sizing Chart

Fits babies 10 - 36 lbs.

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