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GroVia Gives

GroVia Gives

    Diaper Lending Program

    GroVia Gives is a US-based cloth diaper lending program intended to help families with temporary or long term financial struggles diaper their babies. GroVia believes that no baby should go without clean, safety-compliant diapers, and no family should have to choose between paying for food and utilities and diapering their baby. Cloth diapers can eliminate diaper need for families who have ready access to washing facilities.

    GroVia Gives does not accept diaper donations at this time. All products used through this lending program are designed and manufactured by GroVia to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all safety standards. If you are looking to donate used diapers to those in need, please visit Giving Diapers Giving Hope or The Rebecca Foundation.

    Gift cloth diapers to a family in need.


    How do I participate and what's involved?

    To participate, qualified applicants will pay a minimal lending fee of $40 (includes shipping to you) and will receive a GroVia Gives Diaper Set that will fit babies 10-35 lbs.

    Each GroVia Gives Diaper Set includes:

    • 16 GroVia Gives Bamboo/Cotton Trifolds
    • 4 GroVia Gives One Size Covers

    These sets are part of a lending program so recipients may receive sets that have been gently used and returned from a former family who is no longer in need. One diaper set per baby in family.

    Note: Applicants are not purchasing these diapers; they are BORROWING them. The sustainability of this program also relies heavily on participants returning their diapers once they are no longer in need.