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Using & Caring For Your Diapers

    Congratulations on receiving your new GroVia Gives Diaper Set!

    Getting started with cloth is very simple, but there are a few things you need to know before diving in.

    Prep your diapers before first use.

    If your Trifolds are brand new, they will need to be prepped before you use them. Prepping removes the natural oils found in our minimally-processed organic cotton and hemp materials so that your diapers will become more absorbent.

    • To prep your Trifolds, wash on hot with detergent 5-6 times before first use, drying at least partially between each wash.
    • Trifolds that have been previously used will not need to be prepped, as they have already had enough washes to reach full absorbency.
    • If your GroVia Gives package includes used Trifolds, they will arrive to you clean and ready to be used.
    • Covers do not need to be prepped.

    How do I use the diapers?
    • Adjust rise snaps on cover to your baby’s body and ensure a snug fit.
    • Fold Trifolds as desired before placing in cover. (See soaker and diaper fold options.)
    • Fasten the assembled cover to baby and replace when soiled.
    TriFold Rise Setting
    TriFold Instructions

    How do I wash the diapers?
    • Shake solids into the toilet and flush.
    • Wash your diapers with the full recommended amount of detergent every two days with warm water and an extra rinse.
    • Avoid detergents with lots of plant oils, fabric softeners, whiteners or bleach.
    • Expose your diapers to the proper concentration of detergent for 30-45 minutes for an HE washer, or the longest cycles for a non-HE.
    • Avoid additives like baking soda, vinegar, boosters, essential oils, etc.
    • We recommend line-drying your shells, tumble dry Trifolds on low.
    • Store soiled diapers in diaper pail.

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