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Returning Your GroVia Gives Diapers

    Returning your GroVia Gives diapers is an essential part of the program as it allows GroVia to help more families in need. The sustainability of this relies heavily on participants returning their diapers once they are no longer in need. Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep this program going!

    How do I return my diaper set?

    Once you are no longer in need of your GroVia Diaper Set, it must be returned. Follow these return instructions:


    Wash your gently used diapers with ΒΌ cup bleach with detergent on hot with an extra rinse to get your diapers squeaky clean.


    Neatly pack all of your Covers and Trifolds in a secure box or container.


    Select "GroVia Gives Return" in the Reasons For Return drop down.


    Upon receipt of your clean, gently used diaper set, we will issue a $20 online credit to you to be redeemed at www.GroVia.com

    GroVia Store Credit

    Please DO NOT send back dirty, smelly, destroyed diapers. If you wouldn't use them on your own child, we certainly can't expect other families to want to use them on their precious babies! Diapers returned to us in poor condition will not be eligible to receive the refund credit.