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    How can I learn more about GroVia products? 

    Visit our Learn Section for additional information on our products, including tips to get started, products descriptions and detailed cloth diaper care instructions.

    How many diapers do I need to get started?

    For full time cloth diapering with our Hybrid System, a bare minimum of 12 Hybrid diaper shells and 24 soaker pads should get you started.  Increasing totals to 14-16 shells and 36-45 soaker pads would be optimal within the first year.  For full time cloth diapering with our All In One cloth diaper, 24 is considered the minimum, with 36-45 being optimal.  These numbers are based on a per child basis for 2+ years.

    What is the difference between the GroVia AIO and Hybrid diaper?

    The AIO is an All In One cloth diaper, which means everything you need to cloth diaper your baby is included in one simple-to-use and extremely effective design. It has an absorbent certified organic cotton lining with a sewn-in insert. The insert has a detachable booster which helps with absorbency. The outer is a soft layer of water-resistant TPU that is solvent- and formaldehyde-free. Learn more about the AIO

    The Hybrid Shell system is a two-part system. The Shell outer is made of solvent- and formaldehyde-free water-resistant polyester TPU with a 100% polyester mesh lining. The Hybrid Shell can be combined with a flexible variety of absorbency options to fit any lifestyle, including GroVia cloth soaker pads, eco-friendly disposable BioSoakers, and prefold diapers. Learn more about the Hybrid

    What absorbency options can you use with a Hybrid Shell?

    One of the best things about our GroVia Hybrid System is that there is a flexible suite of absorbency options. Choose from our Organic Cotton Soaker PadsStay Dry Soaker PadsPreFolds and even our No-Prep Soaker Pads.

    What is the difference between a GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker and a GroVia Stay Dry Soaker?

    The GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pad is the only hybrid choice on the market that exclusively uses IMO-certified organic cotton as the absorbent layer. The Stay Dry Soaker Pad combines four layers of hemp/cotton blend topped with a cozy micro fleece which makes them extra comfortable against your baby’s skin. Both options are very similar in absorbency and are backed with our proprietary TPU material, which typically allows our Shells to be worn multiple times between washes.  Both options also use beefy YKK snaps for integration with our Hybrid Shells, an approach unique to GroVia's Hybrid system.

    Can I use GroVia cloth diapers on my newborn?

    Absolutely! We have specific GroVia Newborn sized AIO diapers for babies with a weight range of 5-12+lbs.  Our GroVia Hybrid System ranges from 8-30+ lbs., and our GroVia AIOs range from 10-35+ lbs. These ranges are dependent on the body shape of your baby. Learn more about the Newborn AIO

    How does Mighty Bubbles work?

    Mighty Bubbles is a laundry treatment specifically formulated to deep clean and remove build up of ammonia and minerals in the diapers. Mighty Bubbles is not intended to replace your regular detergent.

    Can I use my Hybrid shell as a swim diaper?

    Yes, the Hybrid Shell makes a wonderful swim diaper.  Just make sure you rinse the Shell out thoroughly after swimming before tossing in your diaper pail.

    What is the difference between Organic Cotton fiber and synthetic fiber?

    Organic Cotton fiber is a natural fiber derived from cotton plants that are grown under organic rather than "industrial cotton" conditions.  Synthetic fibers are a wide variety of man-made products that are created through a chemical process, often using petroleum as a base ingredient.  Natural fabrics tend to allow the skin to breathe and are found by many parents to be healthier for baby’s skin.  Organic cotton has the added benefit of having no residual pesticides or chemicals from the production process. Cotton is comparatively less durable than synthetic fiber.

    Do I need to use a waterproof outer layer with my Kiwi Pie Fitted diaper?

    Yes, you will need to use a waterproof cover when using a Kiwi Pie Fitted diaper, as it is made entirely of absorbent materials and does not include a waterproof outer layer. Good options for a waterproof layer include our Hybrid Shell or wool covers. Kiwi Pie Fitteds can be worn without a Shell or cover around the house for short periods of time to allow baby's skin to breathe but will not be waterproof in this scenario.

    Can I still use my Magic Stick if my child gets a bacterial or yeast infection?

    Discontinue use while you are treating the infection.  We have had many customers successfully cut off ¼ inch of the Magic Stick and continue to use once the baby is clear of the infection. Baby's skin should be clear for 24-48 hours before re-introducing the Magic Stick.

    How do I adjust the fit on my baby?

    The rise snaps can be adjusted by snapping all the way down for an infant size, middle rise snapped for pre-toddler and unsnapped for older toddler.  Body shape will play a huge role in determining the right size for your baby. You should only be able to slide one finger between the baby’s skin and the elastic opening at the leg once the diaper is on. If there is more room than that, you'll most likely experience more leaks. More Info

    Can I convert my GroVia Hook & Loop Shell into a Snap Shell?

    Yes! GroVia offers a cost-effective Snap Conversion Program that allows you to convert any GroVia Shell into a snap closure. You simply send in your Shell and we will remove your hook tabs and apply matching closure snaps to your Shell. More Info

    Why does it take so long for my Cotton Soaker pads to dry?

    There are five layers of IMO Certified Organic Cotton that comprise the GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads, so they can take longer to dry. To speed up the drying process, you can turn them inside out to have the cotton facing outside and the waterproof TPU inside. You can also try adding a dry bath towel or 2 to help absorb moisture and assist with the tumbling action, which will help them to dry faster.

    Can the GroVia BioLiner be used in a shell all by itself?

    No, the GroVia BioLiner is not an absorbent layer. They are designed to allow moisture to pass through to the cloth diaper while keeping your baby’s skin dry. They also keep solids contained for easy clean-up. Learn More

    Do you offer GroVia gift cards?

    Yes, we offer a variety of GroVia Gift Card options that are easy to send, never expire and are redeemable on all products featured at www.grovia.com. You can choose from a virtual, physical or combination gift card. Learn More

    Do you offer a gift registry?

    Yes, GroVia has partnered with MyRegistry.com to offer an easy way to create one universal gift registry filled with items from any store you'd like, including GroVia! Create your master wishlist and share you single manageable registry with family and friends. Learn More