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Perfect Pail

The innovative diaper pail that can hang anywhere! Turn any clothes hanger into a hanging pail for dirty laundry or diapers.

Holds 3 days worth of diapers • Washable

Patent Pending.

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Unique pop-up design provides a sleek look that integrates perfectly into any nursery.

  • Self-closing top allows diaper to be dropped in, but keeps smells at bay
  • Zippered "bathtub" bottom
  • 100% Water-resistant TPU
  • Machine washable
  • Pleated body for maximum volume
  • Dimensions:  Approximately 26 x 18 inches

Available Colors:

Additional Info

Additional Info

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Care Instructions

Wash warm, hang or dry low.

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Customer Reviews (21)

Best wetbag everReview by Claire
We have had our perfect pail for almost 3 years now. It has held up so well through heavy use. We wash it at least once a week and it still looks great. The boning has flipped but hasn't effected function. It keeps all the smells in. We are on our second cd kid and still using it. I highly recommend this product! (Posted on 1/18/2017)
Holds in stink. Great Customer ServiceReview by Clarissa
In my experience, this Perfect Pail holds the stink in better than a regular pail liner. However, I did have 2 pieces of boning come out a little over a month after purchase. I reached out to Grovia and they responded very quickly and are sending a replacement out in tomorrow's mail. They did recommend a gentle/delicate wash cycle as I have a top loader washing machine with an agitator. Thank you Grovia for your swift response and excellent customer service! (Posted on 12/29/2016)
Convenient and Great Customer ServiceReview by NewMommy
The Perfect Pail has been so convenient and easy to use! We love it so much that we have 2! One to rotate during wash days so we always have one hanging by the crib. After about 4 months of use, the zipper came off its track, preventing it from closing on the bottom. Since zippers were under their 1 year warranty, I contacted them about it. The process was very simple and they were so helpful anytime I had questions. Within a week they sent me a new Perfect Pail at no cost. Thanks Grovia! (Posted on 11/16/2016)
Great colors and works great Review by Kristina
Shocked how this does not stink after all those smelly diapers! Got the grey color and love. (Posted on 4/25/2015)
Great for Small SpacesReview by Jennifer
I love that with this perfect pail you just need a clothes hanger and it can hang anywhere. We have it on the back of my daughters room door and love that it doesn't take up any more space in her room as it is pretty small.
I do like that when its laundry day simply unzip and into the wash they go.
(Posted on 4/6/2015)
Just OKReview by SeattleMama
I find this to be very large and bulky. I also don't think it does any better of a job keeping the smell at bay than a standard wet bag that are much more affordable, smaller, and easy to use for swim gear long after the diapers are gone. (Posted on 3/14/2015)
Ok ProductReview by EmsMom
I do like a lot of features of this product. I like that it can hang in the small nursery we have. It is easy to use and nice that it can be thrown in the wash with the diapers. The self closing aspect quit working after about the third wash. The boning didn't com out like others have said, but it doesn't close anymore. As others have said that it doesn't block the smell. I have put the Grovia pail liners in it and that has worked, however, a lot of times I'm too lazy to do it. (Posted on 3/10/2015)
Great for places without a lot of space.Review by Sarah
I live in a tiny 2bdr ranch and having a hanging pail really saves me a lot of space. Having a clunky pail would get in the way. I like the idea of being able to hang the pail behind a door or in a closet. (Posted on 3/2/2015)
Good for travel?? Review by Kristen
I purchased this on a whim and I'm just not a huge fan of it. It works well but I just feel like it stinks more and if don't like it hanging in her closet next to her clothes. (Posted on 1/28/2015)
A Great PailReview by Rhiannon
We loved this product so much that we bought a second one so that we always had a fresh pail. We wash one every time we do a load of diapers and hang dry. We have had the original one for 20 months and the second one for around a year. They both have held up pretty well except that the closure boning for where you place the diapers comes out occasionally in the wash and the zipper on the original one has begun to not zip fully. I would also recommend a very sturdy and thick hanger to hang your pail from. We broke several hangers before we found one that was strong enough to hold two days worth of diapers. It is very easy to put the dirty diapers in and to open the bag up when it's time to was the diapers.
(Posted on 1/18/2015)
Great Design/Size!Review by Lauren
I just received this in the mail and Iove this pail! I didn't have to buy an extra in to put it in! Plus, I love that it hangs up and can be out of the way! I had previously been using wetbags of all sizes and depending on when I could do laundry I would have 2-4 wetbags crammed full of dirty diaper on the door knob and sitting on the bathroom counter! I also don't have any stink and love the zipper on the bottom so I don't have to mess with dumping in the washer! I decided I needed another! (Posted on 12/19/2014)
Great ideaReview by amy
This is the most innovative and convenient way I've seen to store diapers til wash day. This is definitely going on my wish list of needed baby items. (Posted on 12/6/2014)
Best substitute for classic diaper pailReview by Cristian
I love the perfect pail! It's so easy to use. You just need a hanger to hang it up! When it comes to wash day, simply unzip the bottom of the pail and the diapers fall right into the wash. Very easy to use. Great for everyday at home or extended travel. I recommend this product to all the cloth families I know. (Posted on 11/29/2014)
Works greatReview by Cali' Native
It works great for me! It will smell a little bit if you don't launder regularly or rinse out you're poopy diapers, other than that it's an awesome product! (Posted on 10/10/2014)
Great diaper pail/wetbagReview by Julie
I love this pail, although I would call it more of a wetbag than a pail. I have never had a problem with smells with this thing. I love that I can hang it above my washer, unzip the bottom, and let all the diapers fall into it. This things gets pretty heavy though, so you will need to hang it somewhere very sturdy and put it on a good hanger (I've broken a couple of cheap ones). (Posted on 9/22/2014)
Huge capacity, great designReview by Loretta
I love the details of this pail - the zip-open bottom so you don't have to reach in the bag, the "bathtub"-style bottom that keeps it from leaking, the top flaps that make it easy to drop in a diaper one-handed, and the ability to fold compact for storage. I am amazed by the capacity. My family of 6 used the bag to carry damp swimsuits after vacation, and it was only about halfway full! (Posted on 8/27/2014)
Does not block odor.Review by Jen
The design of this bag is good, and hanging it up in the closet was convenient, however the odor control is nonexistent. Our nursery smelled like a poop pit despite my constant washing of the diapers and the bag. I ended up buying a trash can with a tight closing lid and lining it with the Grovia pail liner topped off with a Fabreeze stick up under the lid and it worked like a charm. No smell. I'm going to buy another pail liner and ditch the Grovia pail. On a side note, the boning popped out of the seam a week ago (after 4 months of use) and I realize I have up to a year to replace it, but I don't want another one. (Posted on 11/10/2013)
Functional, but poor qualityReview by Julie
I love the concept and functional design, however the quality leaves something to be desired. The boning poked holes through the fabric and slid out and the zipper came apart after 6 months of use. I emailed customer service for a replacement (which was easy and fast-kudos for GREAT customer service), however after a month or so of use of the new one, the seam has ripped. I would definitely give it more stars of the company upped the quality of their product. (Posted on 9/1/2013)
Great product!Review by MartiL
I bought this product because it looked a lot more simple than buying a pail and a liner. So far I'm very pleased! I've had it about 3 months now. Holds in smell just fine. I wash every 48 hours so by that point it does start to smell but not horribly bad. It's convenient and out of the way. I've found that it doesn't need to be washed every time unless visibly soiled. I wash it about once a week and the other times I just let it air out for an hour or so outside. Once again grovia lives up to their name! By far my favorite cloth diaper company!!! (Posted on 5/22/2013)
: (Review by Leslie
I was very let down by this product. It does not keep the odor in at all (and I keep up on stripping my diapers). I wash my babies diapers every night and by the end of the day when I go to wash I can smell them as soon as I walk in his room. Not to mention I have only had the product for maybe 2 months and the zipper broke. What a waste of money.

***GROVIA RESPONSE: Your GroVia product is covered for a full year. Please email [email protected] so they can help get you a replacement!*** (Posted on 3/22/2013)

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