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All Good Cats Go To Space

About Carlton

Carlton the Cat was always a star. The beloved feline captured the hearts of many GroVia super fans with his grumpy face and endearing poses. Unfortunately, Carl left us- swept away by stardust.

He now spends his days batting at yarn ball asteroids and connecting the twinkling points in nearby mousy constellations. Floating adrift an indigo backdrop, Carl is visited by his buddy, and fellow exotic shorthair, Arlo. We immortalize the memories of this stellar GroVia kitty with an out-of-this-world print, because now we know... All Good Cats Go To Space.

GroVia is proud to support the ASPCA and its mission to save lives and will be making a donation directly. To learn more, visit

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Available for pre-order: April 1, 12pm (MST) - April 10 12pm (MST)

This pre-order is contingent upon us meeting our minimum needed to put this print into production. If we do not meet our 5,000 piece minimum, we will cancel and refund all orders by April 15th.

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This print design is an approximation of the final manufacturing. While we do our best to alleviate any surprises, some of the design may change slightly and appear with differences from the original.

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