Diaper Duel

Have you ever wished your favorite GroVia diapers could duke it out, ESPN-style?

This March, they are. Vote in polls, fill out a bracket card, watch commentary, and enter to win prizes!

Grand Prize

1 Birthday Holland, 1 Lotus, 1 Petal, 1 Arctic, and 1 Marsala O.N.E. diapers.

Runner Up Prize

2 Waverly & 2 Maverick O.N.E. diapers.

Winner Announced March 27

How It Works

1. Vote

Vote in the Diaper Duel polls on the GroVia Facebook Page. Polls will be posted throughout each day of the event.

2. Enter

Visit Woobox or click the Bracket tab on the GroVia Facebook Page to fill out your predictive bracket and enter to win prizes!

  • This is your bracket card, and it is mobile- and desktop-enabled

  • The #1 spot on the Leaderboard on 3/27 will win a O.NE. super pack!
The #2 spot on the Leaderboard on 3/27 will win a runner up O.N.E. diaper group.

3. Watch

Tune in on GroVia ’s Facebook Pages on the dates listed below for Diaper Duel commentary, mini-giveaways, and prizes!

Rules & Restrictions

  • All state and federal laws regarding sweepstakes apply
  • Must be 18 to win
  • Winner must reside in the US or Canada


March 17

Mid-first round commentary: 10 am MST.

March 20

First round wrap up: 10 am MST

March 25

Who moves on to finals:
10 am MST

March 27

End of promo. Winners announced: 10 am MST