Let’s Get Reel - Video Promo

Top 10 videos received get a $200 gift card to

Enter by June 1, 2021

How To Enter

  1. Go to the videos upload page.
  2. Enter your information.
  3. Submit your reel-to-reel, VHS, floppy disc, MP4, AVI, Betacam, Laser Disc, DVD, or 8MM, to the museum of obsolete video and then upload something in a format we can use :)

Video Filming Tips & Shenanigans

  • Film a short (up to 60 second) video testimony of your experience as a GroVia family.
  • Share how old your baby is, how long you have been using GroVia, your favorite style/system and why, and your best piece of advice (something you would tell yourself as a grown up just starting out on their journey to learn cloth diapers).
  • Make sure to film in a well lit space (daylight is best) and free of background noise.


  • Submit via an upload link on the site by June 1, 2021
  • We will select up to 10 winners to be awarded $200 gift certificates and whose videos will be shared as promos on our social media channels.

Not sure what that looks like?

Watch the magical and talented Hanna, GroVia social media magician, give inspiration and best practices.