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Hybrid First Steps Package

We've assembled our favorite GroVia Hybrid products into one handy little starter package, giving you the opportunity to fully experience the flexibility of the Hybrid System. Simply combine the stylish waterproof cover wiith either the snap-in Soaker Pad or eco-friendly disposable. The perfect package for those ready to take GroVia for a test drive!

The GroVia Hybrid Favorite Package includes:

  • 1 Hybrid Diaper Shell
  • Choice of 2 Organic Cotton, Stay Dry or No-Prep Soaker Pads
  • 1 50 Count Pack of BioSoakers

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1 x BioSoaker 50 Count One-Size

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The GroVia Hybrid Favorite Package includes the following:

  • GroVia® Hybrid Shell: Comes in your choice of Hook & Loop or Snap closure and is designed to be used with a flexible suite of absorbency layers, including both cloth and disposable options. Learn More

  • Choice of Organic Cotton, Stay Dry or No-Prep Soaker Pad. Learn more about the different absorbency options

  • GroVia® BioSoaker®: The perfect eco-friendly disposable solution for cloth diapering on the go. Use when on vacation, at day care, or running errands. Learn More

Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Care Instructions

Change outer shell twice a day and inner as needed

Preparing Soaker Pads & Boosters

  • Wash hot with detergent, tumble dry, repeating process 5–6 times before use (they will continue to gain absorbency with more washing)

General Washing

  • ALWAYS tuck the tabs under the tuck under strips before washing Shells.
  • Remove as much solid matter as possible.
  • Place soiled shells and soaker pads in a dry diaper pail -
  • No soaking necessary.
  • Wash every 2 days on warm with detergent.
  • Hang dry shells (high heat causes excess wear).
  • Tumble dry soaker pads and boosters.
  • Do NOT use bleach, enzyme cleaners or fabric softeners.

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Customer Reviews (18)

Wonderful Hybrid diaperReview by ashley
Getting this starter package really gave me the chance to realize the high quality of grovia diapers. I wanted a cloth diaper with options and after calculating out competitors prices, I wasn't happy.

This diaper is high quality, after almost a year of use, it still works great. It doesn't leak and having the option to use biosoakers while we're with family/running errands makes things so much easier.
(Posted on 5/12/2015)
LOVE THIS KIT!Review by M22B2G
Loved that I was able to pick diaper choice in this kit and the free shipping! Everything arrived quickly and is amazing! (Posted on 4/27/2015)
Great intro to cloth diapers!Review by Morgan
Very happy with this product. Its a great way to get started with cloth diapers before making the investment. (Posted on 4/11/2015)
Great starter package, BioSoaker option is nice!Review by Cheryl
The hybrid trial package is a great way to see if the Grovia hybrid system is for you. The cover is very nice material. I like that it is lightweight and breathable, and dries very quickly. The inserts were a little confusing for me; I didn't know what kind of inserts to choose, so we picked the cotton soakers. They are soft and have a lot of coverage. You also get the disposable biosoakers, which have worked great, too. After finding the right placement, they even hold in my toddler's poo. If you put the sticky part right where you would snap in a soaker, the Bio Soakers work great! I love this system, and this purchase made me a Grovia fan for life! (Posted on 3/28/2015)
Everything you need to get started Review by Ashley
This kit has everything you need to get started at a great price. (Posted on 3/16/2015)
Perfect Package to try out hybridsReview by Lauren
My husband and I weren't sure whether or not we wanted to do hybrids, but this started set helped seal the deal. When we travel, there won't be as much bulk in our wet bag as if we had prefolds or even the All In One diapers. And, we also have the option of the disposables when life gets to hectic. I think hybrids are the best of both worlds. (Posted on 2/27/2015)
Best Package Deal!Review by Amber
This is the absolute best package deal GroVia has to offer! You get a choice of closure on the shell, a choice of which soaker type you want, plus the biosoakers! If you are nervous about trying cloth, or need to convince your partner, this package is the way to go! (Posted on 2/25/2015)
Excellent deal!Review by Catherine
This was my first GroVia diaper so I'm glad that they offer this package. I usually dislike hook and loop closures but the GroVia version is great! We used the disposable inserts while out of town, they work really well! The gussets hold stuff in and they are really absorbent. We had no fears of leaks or excessive wetness. I haven't used the cloth insert yet but I think I'll like it since there is no stuffing required as there would be with pockets. (Posted on 1/30/2015)
Happy!Review by Kristen
We have a pretty petite little girl, so imagine my wariness when 4 other brand of cloth diapers fit her properly without so much bulk that spread her legs too far. Let me just say that these work fabulously! They were slim, felt about the same as a disposable diaper! I was absolutely estatic with the design, fit and versatility, so much so, that Grovia hybrids will be my go to diaper from here on out! Easy to use, simple system, and designed well--these diapers are worth the 5(ish) day wait for processing and shipping! (Posted on 1/22/2015)
Great First ExperienceReview by Erin
This was the package I started with because I was unsure if I even wanted to use cloth diapers. I enjoy the convenience of having the bio-soakers in case of not having diaper sprayer and that's what I used at first. But then I went with using the no-prep soaker pads and felt completely comfortable changing a poop diaper and cleaning that out to wash and reuse. With the Try It package there is no pressure to spend a lot of money. But I am hooked now! (Posted on 1/15/2015)
So easy!!!Review by Ilana
I was so afraid to step into the world of cloth diapers. After two children, I thought disposables were the simplest route. Turns out that now, even with three children, using Grovia cloth has been super easy and much more cost effective! I'm so glad I made the switch...just wish I had done it sooner!! (Posted on 1/11/2015)
Great way to try GroviaReview by Ada
This package is a perfect way to try the Grovia BioSoakers and Soaker pads. I wanted to try the no-prep Soaker pads, and it's always nice to have Biosoakers available, so this is a perfect package. (Posted on 12/10/2014)
Great starter pack!Review by Rebecca
This is a great pack to try out, The hybrid shells fit my son wonderfully and the inserts are very absorbant! (Posted on 11/24/2014)
Nice trial packReview by Kunjumary
I already had 2 hybrid cloth diaper set and wanted one more and a set of disposable bio soakers to try.. This package was just perfect for my need. (Posted on 10/8/2014)
amazingReview by levena
This cloth diaper works wonders...I must admit I was a bit timid to try cloth diapers but after receiving my hybrid package im completely convinced. My son slept the entire night in it an the bed was not soiled it held up the pee ...infact when I was about to change h8m he didn't even want to take it off ...he loves it and do to. (Posted on 8/31/2014)
perfect way to test the product! Review by Brianna
My fiance and i are new to cloth diapering and was not sure if it would work for us but this package have us a way to test it out before committing. After trying the product i found out that i love the way they fit our little angel and ordered the part time set! Cannot wait for them to come in the mail! The only thing is i wish there were more cute girly designs because i love the poppy one (Posted on 8/26/2014)
great way to startReview by soleapink
This is a great package to try out Grovia. You get the snap-in insert which is super thick and very absorbent. You also get the disposable inserts which are great for when reusable liners are inconvenient. (Posted on 8/16/2014)
Try It IntroReview by Kayla
I just received my Try It package in the mail. I love the disposable bio soakers for when I still want my son in cloth but have to go somewhere & have no diaper sprayer with me in case he should poop. (Posted on 8/7/2014)

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