Cloth Trainer

Cloth Diaper Trainers

For years our customers have asked us when we would design cloth training pants that live up to the GroVia promise of quality material and innovative design. With our My Choice™ Trainers, you get that quality. Plus, toddlers get cloth training pants that give them the control that makes them proud to be big kids!

Disposable vs. Cloth Training Pants

It’s normal to be hesitant about potty training. We’re here to help you ease into the transition by comparing the two basic types of training pants (also called training diapers or pull-up trainers): disposable and cloth. When you know which type you want to use, you can more easily start treading the potty-training waters.

Features of GroVia Cloth Training Pants

Washable and reusable solution — You won’t have to scrub, soak or throw away like you would with regular underwear.

Absorbent enough for accidents — Accidents happen. But our cloth training pants come equipped with a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend, as well as a pocket to add extra absorbency as you need, like for nighttime wear. With GroVia, toddler messes will be contained so you won’t spend your days cleaning up pee puddles.

Big kid control — All of our cloth diaper trainers are stretchy and pull on like regular underwear, so your toddler can easily pull them off whenever they need to use the potty, and then pull them up when finished.

Economical and environmental — When you use throwaway training pants, you throw away your money and add even more waste to growing landfills. Reusable cloth diaper trainers are gentler on your bank account and the environment.