Kim Ormsby Featured in Big Sky Business

Kim Ormsby, CEO and President of The Natural Baby Company, has been named SBA’s 2010 Montana Small Business Person of the Year. Ormsby originally founded the company as “Montana’s Diaper Store” in 2003 as a small online retail store operating from the laundry room in her home. Montana’s Diaper Store grew each year and today, it is known as The Natural Baby Company.

Ormsby was among a number of outstanding businesses and business advocates in Montana who were recognized for their achievements at a celebration in Gallatin Gateway sponsored by the regional office of the US Small Business Administration.

As a mother of four, Ormsby saw the need for an alternative to petroleum and chemically-based disposable diapers. Therefore in 2009 Ormsby began production of a cloth diaper design, Gro Baby, now called Gro Via diapers, which are organic and require less laundry, less soap and less water than other cloth diapers. They are also compostable and made from natural, unbleached materials that are latex free and pass Europe’s most stringent standards for healthy and green.

The GroVia line has exploded in the diapering world, selling about 4,000 diapers a month worldwide. This success has propelled the company into a multi-million dollar business.

The company now designs and manufactures a wide variety of cloth diapering products and other natural product lines, including Gro Via, Dream Eze, Tiny Bubbles, Kiwi Pie and Magic Stick . With more than 290 retailers worldwide, the company has moved to the forefront of the eco-friendly diaper market.

The Natural Baby Company also has a brick and mortar store located at 1203 N. Rouse, Suite 3E in Bozeman, which provides a local face and a retail outlet for their products.

The Natural Baby Company supports parents who are environmentally sensitive by offering products that make diapering easy, environmentally friendly, affordable, and fashionable. As a wholesome company, Ormsby’s goal is to stay at the cutting edge of technology and offer products that are superior in performance.

Ormsby’s creativity and commitment to the environmentally aware parents is why she was named SBA’s 2010 Small Business Person of the Year.

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