So Your Baby is "Out-Peeing" Their NB AIO...

They are cute and tiny, so how in the world do newborns pee so much?? Looks can be deceiving! Your newborn will nurse 8-12 times per DAY for the first month, and 7-9 times per DAY during the second month. Well, what goes in must go out, which means A LOT of very wet diapers during those first couple of months.

The GroVia Newborn AIO was designed to be a nice trim diapering option for tiny newborns during those all-important newborn weeks. Most people will find that their newborn will start “out-peeing” their NB AIOs before they outgrow them. So what is a mama to do?

North was 6lbs 14oz when born and started wearing his GroVia NB AIOs at 2 days old. At about 3 1/2 weeks of age (and 8lbs), I found that he was starting to leak out of his diaper at about 1 ½ hours. When I would take the diaper off of him, the entire inside was saturated and the excess urine was finding its way out at the leg. So, we started adding some absorbency to his AIOs and VOILA….problem solved! At 5 weeks old and 10lbs he is still happily wearing his GroVia Newborn AIOs, without leaks!!

Instead of buying boosters I simply used what I had on hand, Limited Edition GroVia Cloth Wipes, and GroVia Size 1 Bamboo Prefolds. Both worked beautifully and didn’t affect the fit of the AIO at all.

On the left is the Size 1 GroVia Bamboo Prefold. On the right is the LE GroVia Cloth Wipe. I prefer to trifold them in thirds.

First up is the tri-folded Limited Edition GroVia Cloth Wipe (any absorbent wipe will do). I tucked it under the tongue style soaker of the GroVia Newborn AIO.

Next, the GroVia Size 1 Bamboo Prefold. I simply lay it on top of the diaper. Don’t worry about the fact that it is a bit longer than the diaper. Believe me, it fits perfectly!

And….once again, North in his “super-boosted” GroVia Newborn AIO!

I’m guessing that we should easily get another 2-3 weeks of wear before North completely outgrows his GroVia Newborn AIOs. They’ve been a fantastic cloth diapering option for these early newborn weeks. My two biggest tips for those of you using (or planning to use) this great diaper are:  1) PREP these puppies…..not just a couple of times, like 6-7 times!  2) If you start getting leaks don’t “throw in the towel” simply add some absorbency. You’ll be happy you did!

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