About Me

I grew up in and around the Northeast but always enjoyed moving around to see new places, meet new people, and discover new places to sing karaoke (George Thorogood, mainly.) After four years in NYC and realizing the movie advertising industry couldn’t be the end-all, be-all, I decided to move on. I landed in Bozeman, attracted by the outdoor activities, the beauty, and also the inspirational companies and forward-thinking entrepreneurs flourishing in this college town.

When At GroVia

I enjoy collaborating with our retail partners around the country to ensure they have the support they need in offering GroVia to their customers. Managing our Advocate Program is fun and rewarding as well!

When Not At GroVia

Winter is long in Montana, which suits me just fine since skiing drew me here (and my dogs, husband and daughter love it too.) The rest of the year is easily filled with family activities that could include camping, biking, golf or gardening.

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