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The Best Cloth Diaper Liners: GroVia BioLiners

No dunking or swishing your cloth diapers!

GroVia BioLiners allow moisture to pass through while keeping your baby's skin dry, and keep solids contained for easy clean-up!

Simply remove the liner and toss. If you choose to flush please remember you are responsible for the capacity of your plumbing or septic system!

200 Unscented, 100% Natural Liners

GroVia® BioLiners® are made from Ingeo™ Fibers, a renewable fiber free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives.

  • Fragrance Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • Dye Free
  • Breathable

Bioliners should not be used as an absorbent layer in your Shell or other cloth diaper. They are designed to lay on top of your absorbent layer to help keep solids contained for easy clean-up!

Ingredients: 100% Ingeo PLA.

Individual Sheet Size: 7.5" W x 12" H
Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews

As my daughter has gotten older and her poops more solid I have found this to be essential in our diaper bag. She poops at a similar time each day now and so I don't have to use them all day. The amount of solid particles they collect is impressive. My diaper sprayer isn't getting near as much use as it used to.

5+ stars

This product is the reason I was confident enough to switch my toddler and infant from disposables to cloth diapers. I have always been interested in cloth but the idea of using a sprayer or bleaching diapers regularly was a huge turn off. I have a friend who referred me to GroVia diapers, and she showed me how bioliners collect solids from the diaper while still significantly reducing waste output from diapering. Bioliners work great and rarely move around once the diaper is on the bum.

Forever Buyer

Bought these to convince my husband to cloth diaper and they are by far the best of any brand we've used. Soft but strong. Generally they don't rip except where perferrated (we only had trouble with 1 roll out of all the ones we've used over the years). I also like that if they accidentally end up in the wash (which happens more than I like to admit, especially with daycare diapers), then they don't totally disintegrate in the wash. I don't flush these, and personally wouldn't recommend flushing them, especially after seeing them make it through a wash cycle.

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