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Organic Cotton Booster

  • GroVia Boosters can be used to add more absorbency to your GroVia diapers during nighttime use, or other times that you need it. They are made of 3 layers of thirsty GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and will boost the absorbency of your diaper without adding bulk. Perfect for naps, nights, or long car rides!

    How to Use: Simply lay one of our GOTS-certified Organic Cotton Boosters on top of your Soaker Pad, and you are ready to go.

    2 per pack.

    Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

    • Preparing Soaker Pads & Boosters

      • Wash hot with detergent, tumble dry, repeating this process 5–6 times before use (they will continue to gain absorbency with more washing).
      General Washing
      • Remove as much solid matter as possible.
      • Place soiled Boosters in a dry diaper pail - no soaking necessary.
      • Wash every 2 days using a heavy duty cycle on warm or regular hot with full amount of a good cleaning detergent.
      • Tumble dry low.
      • Do NOT use bleach, fabric softeners, or water repellant diaper creams.
      • Use:

        Lay Booster on top of your Soaker Pad or you can fold the Booster in half and place in between layers of the Soaker Pad.

          Materials (Organic Cotton Booster):

          • 3 layers of thirsty GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

          Materials (Stay Dry Booster):

          • 3 layers of thirsty GOTS Certified Organic Cotton topped with buttery soft 100% polyester fleece.

          Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 90 reviews
        Not Great

        We’ve tried to cloth diaper my son at night and couldn’t stop leaks (he sleeps 11+ hours). He would wake up half way through the night having soaked through his diaper, sleeper, and swaddle. I had hoped adding a booster would help, but we still had middle of the night leaking even with a booster. We love our cloth diapers (hybrid system) and will continue to use them during the day, but we will stick to disposable diapers for overnight.

        Hi Maggie, Thank you so much for this feedback. With an older baby who is sleeping 11+ hours in the same diaper you will most definitely need to add absorbency to meet his 'output'. It appears that just one Booster isn't enough, which for such a long time sounds reasonable. We would recommend that you either add TWO Boosters OR try the GroVia ONE diaper as your night time solution for your amazing, sleeping baby :-) 11+ hours is awesome!!!
        Great for overnight

        These add so much absorbency and we use every night in both kids’ diapers. Paired with a hybrid shell and soaker pad, I’ve never had leaks overnight (and both kids sleep 10+ hours).

        a must for any parent using cloth for overnight

        We were leaking every morning until we added these in.

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