Absorbency Disposable BioSoaker Pad
Absorbency Disposable BioSoaker Pad
Absorbency Disposable BioSoaker Pad
Absorbency Disposable BioSoaker Pad
Disposable BioSoaker Pad

Disposable BioSoaker Pad

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 The GroVia BioSoaker is a perfect solution for cloth diapering on the go. Use when on vacation, at day care, or running errands. Include 2 Adhesive Strips.

Use:  Simply lay/spread your BioSoaker® in your GroVia® Shell or favorite diaper cover and fasten on baby. Use sticky tabs to adhere to cotton underwear as trainers!

Quantity: 50 per pack

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Hannah C.
Best Disposable Liners

These disposable soakers are so good! We used them exclusively for travel. They fit so well with a little flap folding into the Grovia shells. The shells wash up great and dry almost overnight. We would just pack some laundry soap and wash by hand, hang dry. I have really been hoping Grovia would have restocked by now since it has been about a year since they ran out. Is Grovia going to work on re-making them a different way? We appreciate very little chemicals and the green aspect of the bisoakers. No smell but they last a long time without getting hard once opened!

Eagerly waiting!

Grovia has mentioned it will be a while until these are back in stock but they are definitely worth the wait! We still have a pack left and saving it for vacation

Still waiting

Love this product, but hate that it has been out of stock for months! We decided to go with GroVia over another brand because of the because of the hybrid option. Unfortunately, these have been out of stock so long, and our rationed supply is now out, we now have to look at another option. Customer service phone number no longer works and emails rarely get responses. I want to be a loyal customer, but how long can I wait?

Dear Rachael,
Thank you so much for providing this valuable feedback. Yes, we are experiencing a major delay/shortage due to the pandemic and supply chains for our Ingeo material that is used in our BioSoakers. We could have opted for a less environmentally option for BioSoakers, but we feel too strongly about quality to do that.

So, sadly this has meant a many-month wait for them to be back in stock. :-( We're so sorry to disappoint our GroVia Families and please know we are doing the best we can to navigate this post-pandemic world we are living in.

P.S. We have done away with telephone support, but offer support through our customer service team who replies within 48 hours 5 days/week and online chat on our website. You can also message us on Facebook. We love to chat with our customers!

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