A Side by Side Look at GroVia Hybrid and O.N.E

With the launch of GroVia's new O.N.E diaper drawing near we are seeing a lot of questions asking how O.N.E is different than the GroVia Hybrid diapering system.  We've put together a brief piece with photos to help guide you through the differences and hopefully help you with your buying decision (although to be honest I have both Hybrid and O.N.E in my stash and LOVE the mix).

O.N.E by GroVia is an all in one diaper.  What does that mean?
It is a diaper that contains both absorbency and a waterproof outer.  When it is soiled the entire diaper is washed.  It contains a unique and patent pending closure system that integrates both hook and loop and snaps.  So the user gets to choose whether the diaper closes using snaps OR hook and loop.  Or, if the hook and loop eventually wears out (let's face it, this is what happens with hook and loop on diapers) you can simply purchase a new hook and loop kit for your diaper OR just use the diaper with its snaps.

The GroVia Hybrid diaper consists of a waterproof outer Shell (the Shell comes in either snap or hook and loop closure) and the user gets to choose between a snap-in Soaker Pad, disposable BioSoaker, or prefolds as its absorbency.  The beauty of this system is that most of the time you can simply remove the soiled absorbency layer and reuse the Shell, change after change.  This means smaller laundry loads, but also means you have "pieces" of a diaper to assemble before using the diaper.

Below shows how the absorbency works in the Hybrid (left) and O.N.E (right).  In the Hybrid the snap in Soaker Pad has its own waterproof backing and elastic leg gussets that allow the Soaker Pad to simply be swapped out when soiled.  Still allowing you to reuse the outer Shell. Hybrid (left) and O.N.E (right)

This shows the inside of each diaper.  The Hybrid consists of one layer of waterproof TPU and an inner layer of Mesh.  The O.N.E. consists of one layer of waterproof TPU, a hidden layer of absorbent microfiber terry, and an inner layer of stay dry polyester microfleece.  The soaker of the O.N.E. is made from conventional cotton topped with stay dry microfleece.  Sizing on the O.N.E is also more generous and wider through the crotch.  Hybrid (left) and O.N.E (right)

O.N.E's patent pending Outlast Closure system gives the user the ability to choose between Hook & Loop and Snap closures, and the ability to buy a replacement kit when your Hook & Loop wears out.

ONE Diaper comes with Hook & Loop and Snap closures and a replacement kit.

Your O.N.E all in one diaper also has a uniquely designed soaker system that allows you to swivel the bottom piece out and then fold back to place wetness where you

Is there one diaper that is perfect for you? Really, it depends on your needs.  If you like the flexibility of different Soaker Pads, reusable Shell, and trimmer fit, go with the Hybrid.  If you want a diaper that functions most like a disposable, gives multiple closure options, larger fit, and more absorbency, choose O.N.E.  However, we feel most families will find room for both of these beauties in their diapering stash, using the Hybrid during the day and O.N.E as their uber-absorbent night option!!  The choice is yours :-)



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