Cozy In, Cozy Out—That’s What It's All About

Written by Laura Broussard

Most GroVia fans who hang around our social media spaces know a little about what my life looks like. I, along with my colleague Sabrina, manage our social media community, GroVia Families, and create social and digital content for our platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. And I do it from home while parenting five children.

I have long loved the idea of a ‘weekday uniform’—something I could wear every day, that is easily styled if I need to style it, that strikes the balance between flattering and comfortable. I’ve tried a few different systems over the years, but pregnancy and postpartum always interrupt my groove and cause me to give my whole ‘uniform’ wardrobe away.

Enter Dwell + Slumber.


Dwell + Slumber dresses are a lot like GroVia Unders: comfortable clothing that you can truly live and sleep in. Amy Golia from our friends June & January recommended D+S to me, saying, “It’s like wearing a second set of skin all day.”

Dwell + Slumber is bump-friendly, breastfeeding-accessible, and flattering on all body types. I’d always wanted to jump into the world of caftans, but I had never seen caftans that wouldn’t make me look like Sharon Stone in The Muse. D+S dresses are on-trend, with flattering accents.

There are two styles: the Classic Caftan and the Cocoon Caftan. The Classic has a snap placket and an A-line skirt, with hidden pockets, while the Cocoon has a zippered placket, a V-line skirt, and attached pockets that sit in the front. Both styles come in lovely solids, coastal stripes, elegant florals, and other prints (my favorite is Ink).

Places I have worn Dwell + Slumber dresses:

- In my kitchen, with an apron, to cook or bake
- To work at my desk
- To work in my recliner
- To work at my dining room table
- To work on my back patio
- To work at Starbucks, with a sweater
- Snuggling with my kids
- Nursing my 15-month old, probably while I’m working from my phone
- To the library to grab books with my kids
- On the couch, to read those books 1400 times
- To school drop-off
- To school pick-up
- To elementary school parents’ night, belted and with a denim jacket
- To Kroger, belted and with a denim jacket
- To a peaceful protest, belted and with a wide-brimmed hat
- To the baby’s well child checkup
- To run a forgotten lunch over to my husband at work
- To Kroger, at 11 pm, because the next morning was going to require a new bag of coffee beans
- And, as of this morning, to the dentist’s office, which is basically a spa day when you get to go by yourself.

Just like you hardcore GroVia Families have toddlers wearing Unders all weekend to play in the house and in the backyard, this lady right here is living in this ‘modern housedress’ with pockets and easy breastfeeding access.


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