GroVia One-Size All-in-One chubby-legged babies?

I'd like to ask you something.

Do you think the baby on the left is chubby?

Little Betsy is seven months old and closing in on 18 lbs. She’s in the fifth percentile for height… and the 75th for weight. Note the rolls and the chins. You kind of want to bite her, right? There’s no getting around it: my beautiful baby girl is fat. I've never had a baby this fat. I thought this level of roll-age was mythical.

Would it surprise you to hear that Betsy wears GroVia One-Size All-in-Ones every day?

Word on the street (and by ‘street’ I mean Internet, specifically our GroVia Buy/Sell/Trade Group and Facebook Page) is that the GroVia OS AIO doesn’t fit chunky babies well. I think this is a misconception.


And I think it’s an easy one to make! Its narrow cut and short, tightly threaded leg elastics make it look like it’s only made to go around skinny legs and narrow waists. Many babies do have thin or average-sized thighs and narrow waists, so it’s easy to assume this is a diaper designed especially for petite babies and move on. I know I did, and was only using them on my smaller twin.

But then I got behind on laundry and discovered a little secret about the OS AIO. It’s those stretchy tabs, y’all.

The tabs, because they’re stretchy, function like an extension of the rise. They streeeeeeetch (and boy, do they) to accommodate even the most delicious thighs. This means you can keep the rise snapped down to hold the diaper very close to the baby for quick absorption and a trim fit, but the tabs encircle the thighs and snap onto the front panel at the inside of baby’s hip bones.

The result of this design is a low-rise, ultra-trim-fitting diaper that will truly fit most babies from about 10 lbs. through potty-learning and is actually gentler on the tummy of a chubby baby than a wrap-closure diaper because there's no pressure from front tabs stretching to close over the tummy. The secret is in getting the most out of the tabs: don’t be afraid to stretch them. Don’t be afraid to use the very last snap settings, either. If the last setting is what fits your child best, the diaper will remain secure. And, lastly, remember that there’s no requirement that the ‘matching’ snaps be snapped.

My little bit is still a non-mobile baby, but this goes for toddlers, too. Does this little sweetheart's diapered pose look familiar? We’ve used her in past Lifestyle photos and advertising—and she and her thighs wore the AIO beautifully!

Here's Betsy in Old Navy Size 6-12 Months denim with a OS AIO underneath. This is not a brand known for a generously cut jean!

Keep using those One-Size All-in-Ones. You won’t regret it when you need to put your baby in blue jeans!

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